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How to Participate in Autism Research

The South Australian autism community is encouraged to participate in relevant research projects to ensure that the views, experiences and opinions of people on the spectrum, their families and other relevant professionals are reflected in wider autism research.

The research projects listed here have been approved by Autism SA’s Professional Practice Committee. This review and approval process looks at the relevance to, and impact on, the autism community in South Australia, while also ensuring that the wellbeing of participants is safeguarded.

To find out more please contact the relevant researcher directly.


Currently recruiting participants

Research subject Institution How to participate

Feeding and Eating in AutiSm Together (FEAST) Survey

Researchers are looking for caregivers of autistic children ages 1 to 12 with feeding challenges to complete an online survey to learn more about feeding in Autism.

La Trobe University and University of Wisconsin Madison

Click here to learn more and complete the survey here.

Caregivers who complete the survey will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you.

What do Australian Autistic adults experience when they see a neurodiversity affirming psychologist?

La Trobe University

To learn more about participating in this study, click here to view the information flyer.