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Autism SA CEO

Helen Graham

“I am passionate about providing outstanding support to the autistic community we serve by embedding person centred and evidence-informed practice at the heart of everything we do. Having worked with the autistic community in my past roles, I am excited about immersing myself in all aspects of the business to create excellent outcomes for everyone that we interact with.

“I’d like to thank the outgoing CEO, Jenny Karavolos, whom I worked closely alongside during the past 11 months, for setting Autism SA up for success. Jenny’s legacy will play an important role in the future of the organisation, as her heart, passion and determination for an inclusive society continues to live on through the solid foundations that have been built across the past years.

“I am honoured to be leading an incredibly energetic and dedicated organisation into the next phase of our journey.”

Autism SA Board Members

The Board of Autism SA accepts overall responsibility for the corporate governance of the organisation and is committed to ensuring that the principles of good governance are implemented with integrity.

The Board of Directors can be contacted at

Richard Price

Board Appointed Director, Board Chair

B.Sc (Tech) Electronics, GAICD  Why am I on the Board at Autism SA?  “My personal connection is through a nephew with Asperger’s syndrome and I have seen the challenges he faces and the consequences for his family. So it is only natural that I contribute is a small way to the realisation of Autism SA’s vision for our community.”

Dianne Rogowski

Board Appointed Director

Why am I on the Board at Autism SA?  "I feel very privileged to be a board member for AutismSA as it allows me to give back to our community and learn so much more about autism. It is a journey that will enable me to understand and help my grandson fulfil his potential and happiness in life."

Stuart Matthews

Client Representative Director

Why am I on the Board at Autism SA? I am the proud parent of a beautiful young man with a severe intellectual disability who is also on the spectrum. The 19-year journey we have been on has taught me that it is only with the help of organisations like Autism SA that he has achieved all that he has done so far and will do so into the future.  I feel privileged to be a small part of making it a better world for our community.

Ann Parker

Board Appointed Director

BA(Hons), PhD, MAPS   Why am I on the Board at Autism SA? "I started my career as a psychologist 15 years ago through IDSC. That’s also when I started working with staff at Autism SA. From there, through every job I’ve had, I’ve been able to retain a connection with Autism SA. I have also had first hand experience of Autism SA through our own children who are both autistic. The support Autism SA offers is incredible."