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The Autism SA Professional Practice Committee

The Autism SA Professional Practice Committee is the body responsible for reviewing and approving research applications in terms of their relevance to, and impact on, the autism community in South Australia. This approval process is designed to ensure the wellbeing of members of the autism community who take part in research.

The Committee also promotes and encourages participation in approved research to the wider autism community, in order to ensure that the views, experiences and opinions of people on the spectrum and their families are sufficiently represented and reflected in any research.

The Professional Practice Committee comprises of individuals from within Autism SA, as well as people drawn from associated fields of research institutes outside of the organisation, as this ensures the Committee represents a balance of views and has the appropriate knowledge and skills base required.

It also advises on matters relating to the delivery of support services and the provision of programs, services and therapies.

Current committee members are:

Name Qualification

Niki Welz (Chair)

B.A (Philosophy), B.Ed. (Special Ed)

Associate Professor Verity Bottroff

Ph.D., M. Ed., B. Ed. (Special Ed.), Dip. T.

Amanda Harris

Bch. Sci. Hons (Psy.), Grad. Dip. Ap. Psy. Pract. Registered Psychologist

Associate Professor Robyn Young

B.A. Hons (Psych.), Grad. Dip. Psych. Prac., Ph. D.

Research Associate Dr Julia Harries

B.A. Honours.(Psychology), Ph.D.

Dr Neil Kirby

B.A. Honours.(Psychology), Ph.D

Zoran Bekric

Employee at Autism SA, Autistic