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The Board of Autism SA accepts overall responsibility for the corporate governance of the organisation and is committed to ensuring that the principles of good governance are implemented with integrity.


Autism SA Annual Report

“2020/21 can be summarised as a year of adaption – creating a culture of adaptability to change, grow and evolve in an uncertain environment so as to continue to provide services and supports to our community…” Read the 2020/21 Annual Report here.

Board Members 2019/20

Name Qualifications Position Appointments Dates Committees Attendances at meetings

Richard Price

B.Sc (Tech) Electronics, GAICD

Board Appointed Director, Board Chair

Re-appointed Chair


Finance & Risk Committee

13 Board meetings + AGM
12 Finance & Risk Committee meetings

Mark Morelli

B. Economics, Grad. Diploma of Accounting, Grad. Diploma of Property, MBA, GAICD, CA

Board Appointed Director and Chair of the Finance & Risk Committee

Re-appointed Chair of Finance & Risk Committee

Finance & Risk Committee

13 Board Meetings & AGM
12 Finance & Risk Committee meetings

Dianne Rogowski

Board Appointed Director

Finance & Risk Committee

12 Board meetings
11 Finance & Risk Committee meetings

Troy Mohler


Client Representative Director – elected

Finance & Risk Committee

12 Board meetings + AGM
11 Finance & Risk Committee

Jenny Karavolos

B.Acc, CPA, MBA (Brooke Scholar), AIPM, GAICD

Company Secretary



Finance & Risk Committee

13 Board meetings + AGM
12 Finance & Risk Committee meetings

Heath Colebatch

Client Representative Director (casual vacancy)

Client Representative Director – elected

Appointed Casual Vacancy Director

Resigned Casual Vacancy Director

Elected Client Representative Director






Finance and Risk Committee

9 Board meetings + AGM

5 Finance and Risk Committee meetings

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Reporting

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act), on 10 August 2021 Autism Association of South Australia lodged its annual compliance report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency). The Public Workplace Profile, Public Workforce Management Statistics and Public Questionnaire are available for viewing.