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Individual needs and evidence informed practice

At Autism SA, we are committed to respecting every interaction we have with our clients. We achieve this through person-centred approaches, and evidence informed practices.

We focus on improving our clients’ quality of life by working together with them and the important people in their lives (such as families, other services, and trusted people) to develop supports. These are designed and delivered with a focus on clients’ individual circumstances, needs, and likes and dislikes.

Principles of our person-centred approach to individualised planning

  • Our clients’ strengths and interests underpin all individual planning. This includes client values, social and cultural beliefs.
  • Communication, social preferences, positive behaviour, and sensory areas are considered when developing individualised plans.
  • We maintain collaborative relationships with our clients’ families, guardians, support persons, and other service providers.
  • When writing or speaking to our client and their people, we use plain, easy to understand English.
  • All plans are reviewed at appropriate times, in consultation with our clients and their people.
  • We communicate with our clients and their people regularly in a way that suits them.

Principles of our person-centred approach to service provision

  • All decisions made in developing our services and supports are underpinned by evidence informed practice and are made in the best interest of our clients.
  • We gain consent before talking to other people about our clients.
  • Our services and supports are flexible and responsiveness to our clients’ individual preferences and choices.
  • Information about our services and supports is freely available and accessible.
  • Planning processes consider our clients’ age, ability, gender, sexual identity, culture, religion, spirituality, health and wellbeing.
  • Planning processes are underpinned by the rights of our clients to exercise independence over their lives.
  • Our services and support are developed in a way that best meet our client’s needs, preferences, and diversity.
  • We help our clients to access to support persons, advocacy services and other service providers.
  • We document our clients progress toward their goals.

You can read more about individual needs and evidence informed practice in the Easy English version of our procedure.

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