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“I work at Woolworths in customer service. I have been in the job for 15 years. I currently study IT at certificate 4 level and I’m qualified at certificate 3 level. I enjoy this because I’ve learnt a lot of things about computers that I didn’t know before. I’m also qualified in disability, mental health, business, finance, retail and hospitality.

I love sport, different countries (Geography), listening to all kinds of music and my wife, beagle and family. I also love a round of golf and I am a keen golfer.

Being on the spectrum had its challenges during childhood because a lot of people didn’t understand it very well because it was unknown.

I think being on the spectrum makes you see things from a different perspective.

It can definitely help you to stay on task. The autism spectrum is very wide. A person could have a lot of signs of being on the spectrum or barely any at all.

I’ve been a client of Autism SA since 1986. I attended social groups as a child and had facilitators work with me during primary and high school.

I have been working with Autism SA on a voluntary basis for 10 years!

I enjoy the fact that the organisation helps out kids and adults just like myself. I thoroughly enjoy giving back to an organisation that has done so much for me in terms of my life. I just love working with the lovely professional staff members, whom I look up to.

In 2022, I was nominated for the community achievement awards for SA. I made the top 10. This was in recognition of my volunteering work with Autism SA over the last 10 years.”