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Immunisation and Blood Test Research Project with Flinders Medical Team

If the thought of getting an immunisation needle or doing a blood test makes you anxious, a research team from Flinders Medical Centre has partnered with Autism SA to try and make the experience manageable.
Unfortunately, sensory needs and some characteristics of disabilities can make an already painful procedure a distressing experience. As a result, people with disability often miss out on basic preventative health care, such as immunisation, and this leads to hospital admissions and preventable deaths.
This research project will work with individuals with disability who have avoided immunisation or blood tests in the past through consulting with their GP, working with Autism SA’s occupational therapy team and the Flinders Medical Centre team.
This research aims to better the health of its participants and improve the issue of people with disability not getting the medical treatment they need.

We are looking for people:
• With an intellectual or developmental disability
• Who are 18 years or older
• Who have not been able to have a blood test or immunisation


If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact Dr. Jessica Smith