What is the Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood?

The Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood is a self-paced online life-skills resource to guide people on the autism spectrum in navigating adulthood.

From making friends and self-care, to entering the workforce and advocating for our needs, this interactive resource co-developed by autistic adults, aims to provide you with useful information, strategies and activities for dealing with the obstacles that may come up in life.

The life-skills modules that make up Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood are free, and accessible through a secure, engaging online learning portal. The resource aims to provide information, tips and insights from autistic adults to guide adults toward achieving personal goals.

This resource has been co-developed by autistic adults and professionals, a National Advisory Group of autistic adults, and informed by research. Throughout each module you will see first-hand reflections, personal anecdotes and learnings from autistic adults.


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